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Welcome to our page 

We take great pleasure in informing you about this successful and long running club and welcome any enquiries.

What do members enjoy about the club?

The members vary in experience and background. There is a wealth of knowledge of firearm matters. Most enjoy target shooting with modern or historical firearms. Some favour black powder muzzle loading weapons. All enjoy the friendship and willingness to share knowledge. Its about enjoying shooting, improving skills and scoring well on target safely.

Where we shoot

The club shoots at the Police range at Warmsworth just off junction 36 of the A1 adjacent to the quarry of the main Doncaster to Conisborough Road.

We meed every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 09.15 hrs at the quarry gates but also run additional training and shooting days.

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Who can be a member?

The Club is open to any serving Police Officer, Police staff of ex Police Officer, Police staff and their families as long as they are fully paid members of SYP Sports and Social Club.

What types of firearms are used?

Many members posses their own Fire Arms Certificates and hold their own firearms of various type. Modern pistols are prohibited nationally by law since 1996 but a number possess black powder historical revolvers.

Others have modern sniper style rifles while others have single shot military rifles such as the Lee Enfield or modified AK47 series. Calibres vary too from small .22 target rifles to 7.62 and .303 military specification rounds.

Firing can take place at 25, 50 and 100 meters. If you do not have a Fire Arms Certificate you can still shoot by borrowing one of the clubs rifles. The club rifles available to members include:

1 x 7.62 mm Anchutz Target Rifle, 2 x Lee Enfield .303 WW1/2 military rifles, 1 x 357 Winchester repeater rifle, 2 x .22 Target Rifles, 2 x Ruger self loading 22 rifles.


To borrow a rifle, it costs nothing.

We only ask for a contribution to the ammunition you fire which can be purchased from teh club at cost on the day.

The targets are also free.

Typically costs are as follows depending on how many you shoot.

.303 Rounds and .762 Rounds are £0.50 per round. .357 Rounds are £.10 per round. .22 Rounds are £2.50 per 100.

Training and Competitions

The law requires that all newcomers to the club, with the excemption of Firearms Trained Officers, are to undertake a probationary period of six months during which time they will receive instruction in the safe handling and use of firearms.

With experience members may wish to take part in fun shoots, competitions or family fun days.

The running of the Range requires qualified members and you may wish to become trained as a qualified Range Conducting Officer or Safety Officer. There are also other training oportunities.


The club is affiliated to the National Rifle Association (NRA( and there are opportunities for those that wish to shoot at regional and national competitions such as Bisley and elsewhere.

The club has affiliation with other local clubs who shoot with us and enrich us with their experience and knowledge. We also work closely with SYP Fire Arms Training who are main users of the range facility at Warmsworth.

Firearms Certificates

This link explains how you can apply for a Fire Arms Certificate - click here

 What to expect on your first visit

A warm welcome with no pressure to join the club whatsoever.

You will be shown the facilities and asked about your interests.

If you wanted a trail shoot that can be arranged and we would request you sign a form just to cover you for insurance.

You will be shown how to shoot and tutored throughout. Its all about ensuring you see first hand what the club is about in a safe and enjoyable way.

The form you sign makes you a probationary member of the Club. only if you are either a probationary member of a full member can you use the firearms. Exception being an open or Guest day which has to be notified in advance to the Chief Constable with details of the associaiton or persons attending.

Regular Shooting Sundays Gun Calendar 2018

 Training and zeroing Saturdays.

Training our probationer members.

These dates will also be dedicated zeroing dates for fires wishing to test and adjust their firearms. Limited places. Dates tbc.

Thorpe Cloud dates

SYP Rifle and Pistol Club are invited to attend at Thorpe Coud range which is a gallery range shooting at distances from 100m to 600m.

Dates tbc

SYP Rifle and Pistol Club.

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