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There are 60 members registered with the section and on average some 40 players of all ages (20's to late 40's) representing the team each season.

The majority of games we play are against local clubs and universities, with our section playing a vital role in the Yorkshire RFU clubs.  

All the home games are played at Niagara Conference & Leisure were we have excellent facilites including use of the members' bar after home games.

New members are always welcome.

For contact names and telephone numbers for the Rugby Union section please contact members services, Niagara on the email address and telephone number below.


SYP 76- 7 Mosborough

Victory at Mosborough yesterday of 76 to 7 is a great way to start the seaon and with guest players we turned out a squad of 22 players with all having at least half a game.

Deaks in his first game as captain scored most of the try's and by his own admission was outstanding!!!

We welcome Rich Pettian from Doncaster to the team who had an outstanding game on the wing and again highlights that we have players out there in the Force that we need to encourage to turn up.

What stood out yet again was the team work and the enjoyment of all.

Thanks to Colin Fisher and Bob Varley for their support as always on the side.

The Jouster trophy was presented in the club house afterwards and photos will be circulated in due course.

SYP 15 - 20 Mencap Bingley Bumble Bees Barbarians

Email below from Biingley Bumble Bees Barbarians manager:

Hello All,

Just a very quick email to extend my gratitude for all your hard work in making the rugby match such a huge success.

It was wonderful to see the different parts of Mencap combining so well with South Yorkshire Police, the local partnership board and of course the mighty Bumbles.

Although the Ruby was paramount to yesterdays event, it was more about celebrating the signing of the stand by me charter. I have every confidence that our new and closer relationship with the police will enhance services for people with a learning disability in the county.

Rugby World magazine was present to take photographs yesterday which again will only enhance the knowledge of the commitment of the Police and Mencap to eradicating hate crime and making sure that if a crime should occur, the correct support is in place.

The police photographer was also present and these photos will be used in local media over the next few days.

Some particular highlights of the event for me were:

* A Bumbles player who was previously afraid of police officers shaking hands, hugging and sharing a beer with local police officers.

* The way in which the police not only played against us but also facilitated our players and encouraged them to battle hard.

* The smallest player on  the pitch running and weaving through people twice his size to score.

* The Bumbles Captain being driven over the try line to score by our guest player Mark Goldring.

* The great reception and hospitality of the Niagara Club. Peter Darling and his staff made us feel very welcome and the facilities were wonderful.

* The last minute try by the Bumbles to seal a very hard fought victory.

There were many more highlights but only one unfortunate event; a very serious leg injury to a police player. On behalf of Mencap and the Bumbles we wish him a full and speedy recovery.

There will be a follow up event for people in Sheffield and I attach a flyer for your perusal and dissemination. The event will be a more formal way of talking about the charter and about how to report a hate crime. Mencap and the police will be amoung those speaking by this event organised by Sarah Adams of Sheffield City Council.

Once again many thanks for all your contributions.




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