Motorcycle - Trek Section
 The Motorcycle Trek Section is open to any member of the Sports & Social Club who has a road legal motorcycle.
Annually the Federation of British Police Motor Clubs holds a Trek Series, with four events being hosted by different Police Forces throughout the British Isles.
Competitors can enter each event as individuals and teams of three. They have to plan and negotiate a route which takes in six of the eight clue sites allocated as grid references by the organisers in the morning sessions and a further 6 from the 8 in the afternoon.
This tests the individuals motorcycling, map reading, general knowledge and social skills. The treks are specifically designed to take in the best motorcycling roads of that particular area and the social aspects of the events are most enjoyable.
For contact names and telephone numbers of the motorcycle trek section please contact management services, niagara on  the email address or telephone number below.

Contact Information;

Telephone: 0114 296 4945/296 4946

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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